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Rudrang Nutri Store Babul Phali Capsule

Repair Cartilage in joints, Reduce Inflammation & Pain, Strong Antioxidant property

Rudrang Nutri Store Amla Capsule

Rich Source of  Vitamin C, increases the body defence System, Antioxidant, Hepatoprotective & Body detoxifier, High fibre content improves Digestion

Rudrang Nutri Store Punarnava Capsule

Useful in the Filtration process of Kidney, Flush out excessive fluids & waste products, Increase Urine output & reduce Edema

Rudrang Nutri Store Ashwagandha Extract Capsule

Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression, Improve Testosterone levels, Boosts Sperm quality and Fertility in men

Rudrang Nutri Store Bel Patra Powder Capsule

Useful in Joint pain and Arthritis, Reduce Inflammation & Pain, Reduce Cough in Asthma and Bronchitis  

Rudrang Nutri Store Arjun Sal Extract Capsule

Reduce Cholesterol, Improve Blood circulation, Maintain the Muscle tone

Rudrang Nutri Store Brahmi Capsule

Anti Oxidant, Immunity Booster, Reduce Anxiety & Stress

Rudrang Nutri Store Ginger Capsule

Improve Digestion & Reduce gas, Improve Appetite, Increase Immunity & Disease resistance

Rudrang Nutri Store Cow Colostrum Capsule

Rich Source of Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals and Digestive enzymes, High Immunoglobulins (IG) increase Immunity & Disease resistance, Supportive therapy in Joint pain, Diabetes, Nurological disorders, Cancer

Rudrang Nutri Store Manjistha Capsule

Reduce Toxins and Purifies blood, Anti-inflamatory and Antibacterial activity, Reduce Acne and Skin diseases

Rudrang Nutri Store Garlic Capsule

Reduce Cholesterol, Maintain Healthy Blood pressure, Natural Immunity Booster

Rudrang Nutri Store Kanchannar Extract Capsule

Balances Hypo & Hyper thyroidism, Reduces Fat lumps on body, Flush out body Toxins

Rudrang Nutri Store Garcinia Combogia Capsule

Useful in Weight loss, Improve Digestive & reduce Acidity, Hepato protective

Rudrang Nutri Store Shatavari Extract Capsule

Rejuvenate Female reproductive system, Regularize Menstrual cycles & reduce White discharge, Increase Breast milk, support  in Menopause

Rudrang Nutri Store Moringa Powder Capsule

Antioxidant and Immunity booster, Rich source of Protein Minerals and Vitamins, Improves oxygen carrying capacity of blood

Rudrang Nutri Store Betal Leaf Capsule

Rich source of Minerals & Vitamins, For Breathing & Asthma problem, For good Appetite and Digestion

Rudrang Nutri Store Kapikachhu Extract Capsule

Raise Sperm count and Motility, Improve Semen Volume, Increase Sex Desire & Ejaculation time

Rudrang Nutri Store Wheat Grass Capsule

Increase red blood cells & heamoglobin, Antioxidant and blood purifier, Increase bone strength

Rudrang Nutri Store Neem Leaf Powder Capsule

Promote a healthy Digestive system, Remove Toxins and harmful Bacteria from gut, Help to reduce Blood glucose levels

Rudrang Nutri Store Hadjod Extract Capsule

Help to increase Minerals in Bones, Fast recovery in Fractures, Reduce Infflammation and Pain

Rudrang Nutri Store Karela Powder Capsule | Vacuum Freeze Dried | 400mg | detoxifies the body

Balances Insulin & reduce Blood sugar levels, Detoxifies the body, Protects Liver

Rudrang Nutri Store Papaya Leaf Capsule

Increase the White blood cell and Platelet count, Helps in Dengue fever, Normalize Clotting and restore the Liver health

Rudrang Nutri Store Kadi Patta Powder Capsule

Decrease Oxidative stress, Increase secreation of Insulin, Reduce Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels

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Reviews & Ratings
Customer Review
All Rudrang products are very effective and result oriented. Everybody must have to consume Rudrang products to keep fit yourself physically & mentally. Thank you Rudrang
Dr Ravindra Ambupe Google Inc.
amla capsule review
It has unique and revitalizing properties. Just can’t ask for more. Thanks Rudrang Nutri Store!!!
Anand Mulye Google Inc.
ambupe madam
Rudrang Nutri Store Alovin Capsule is an excellent product…..No spilling…No mess coz it’s in capsule form…..Easy to store and use
Mrs.Ambupe Google Inc.
akshay ranavare
In hectic lifestyles, we all need a stress buster, ashwagandha is just awesome to remove all your stress. I am using this product for the past 10 days I feel so relaxed and anxiety-free. The price is a bit high but can affordable. I highly recommend this product.
akshay ranavare Google Inc.
akshata gogawale
This is some really good Amla Capsule. Nice fresh Capsule. I take this orally everyday to help keep my hair from greying as much as possible. Yes Amla works for premature greying. It naturally darkens the hair. The last brand of Amla I took was Powder capsule and worked a lil too good because my natural dish water blonde hair got so dark at one point that I had to stop taking it for a while my natural color came back. This current brand hasn’t turned my hair too dark yet. Just enough Amla to keep the greys away.Of course Amla has other benefits too.
Akshata Gogawale Google Inc.
ajay dhotre
Ashwagandha has been very well known for its immunity boosting properties since a long time. Rudrang Nutri Store Ashwagandha Capsule are easy to use and comes in Capsule form. The product packaging and presentation is really good and compact. Coming from the house of Rudrang it is definitely a trusted brand so can be used with no doubts about the genuineness of ingredients. It’s such an easy way to supplement your intake of healthy food in daily life. Thakyou Rudrang Nutri Store!
ajay dhotre Google Inc.
aniket chavan
Cow Colostrum Capsules are great. I just started taking them And I am  Experiencing results. thank you rudrang nutri store
Aniket Chavan Google Inc.
datta savant
I used Stonil Tablets For My kidney stone and it work like magic for me the  stonil tabs completely cure my kidney stone Thank You Rudrang Nutri store
datta savant Google Inc.



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