Well equipped and advanced development and manufacturing unit of Health supplements using novel Vacuum Freeze Drying and Nano technology.

Company Profile

Rudrang Nutri Store is pioneer company engaged in development and manufacturing of herbal, natural healthcare, wellness, neutraceutical and food products using Vacuum Freeze Drying process.

Present challenge

Various processes used for developing extracts or formulations from herbal healthcare products or food products may degrade its nutritional and medicinal values.


Rudrang Nutri Store Nutrition and wellness products are manufactured from extracts using unique freeze drying process which maintains the medicinal and nutritional activity, enhances purity and increases stability (shelf life) with better results than conventional products

Service and products

Rudrang Nutri Store is pioneer in developing products of individual or combination of herbs, vegetables, berries and fruits having enhanced nutritional value. All products are manufactured from herbal or natural resources retaining their natural medicinal and nutraceutical without any chemical processes and degradation of active ingredients.


How Vacuum Freeze Drying Works

Freeze drying is a method for using a vacuum and a freezing process (known as ``lyophilization``) to remove moisture from perishable food or medicines through sublimation, then collects vapor to reach drying purpose. Freeze drying affects product's texture more than other preservation methods and makes the nutritional value and flavor stay intact.

Unique Vacuum Freeze Drying process maintains the medicinal nutritional activity, improves purity and stability (shelf life) with enhanced results.

Vacuume Freeze Drying Process

Vacuum Freeze drying process Vacuum Freeze drying also called as lyophilisation is a low temperature dehydration process which involves freezing the product, lowering pressure, then removing the ice by Sublimation. This is in contrast to dehydration by most conventional methods that evaporate water using heat. Freeze drying results in a high quality product because of the low temperature used in processing. The original shape of the product is maintained and quality of the rehydrated product is excellent. Freeze-drying products became a major commodity for astronauts and military food rations.

Vacuum Freeze drying service and products

Vacuum Freeze drying service and products Rudrang has developed extracts of various herbs, berries and fruits of medicinal plants like Ginger, Lemon, Moringa, Neem, Karela, Garlic, Pudina, Onion wheat grass and many more. The most innovative proprietary products are Gomutra powder and Aarka (liquid extract), Aloevera pulp and Juice (liquid extract), Durva (Bermuda grass), Curd and Cow colostrum powder.
Rudrang has more than 50 formulations with combination of various herbs, berries and medicinal products developed using freeze drying technology. These products are useful in most of the lifestlye disorders and as adjuvant support in some incurable diseases.
Rudrang has also developed Freeze dried ‘Ready to eat’ food products with natural aroma, taste and nutritional value

Rudrang competancy and strength