Benifits Of Lemon Fruit Powder.

Benifits Of Lemon Fruit Powder.

“Deny Suger Eat Lemon

People do scrunch up their faces after eating a lemon. It makes them Squint. Did you know? The origin of the lemon is Asia. Lemon Belongs to Fruit Category and part of many food recipes in India. We use it in recipes of koshimbir (Salad), Mutton curry, fish curry, vegetables, Even we can use it in tea which gives health benefits. Lemon is all-time beneficial and Protean. Lemon helps to maintain the body’s functions and regulates the immune system.

It makes the digestive system Healthy and purifies the blood. We can use it as supportive nutrition during the treatment of cholera and Malaria. Health professionals recommend lemon juice more often. It can be used as a post-workout drink to restore salt in our body and contains anti-bacterial properties. 

Is lemon good for the skin? | Benefits Of A Lemon Peel For Acne.

Lemon does help acne, and that does dry the blemish up. It has a natural fruit acid in it that’s going to kill bacteria, and it’s also going to remove the dead skin, which we know can be the key trigger to acne because our pores can get clogged with it. So, lemon is excellent for it. I would warn you against it, though I am using it too.

Often I wouldn’t use it more than twice a week, The reason for that is because it can be irritating to the skin, and it can also be drying the skin. Now you may think that you need to dry your skin out when you have acne. But you don’t want to make sure that your skin keeps enough hydration to keep a barrier intact to guard against bacteria. When our skin is dry, It sends a signal to our sebaceous glands or the oil glands that we need more oil on the surface. So, when we dry it out. We are just causing more of the problem that we’re trying to fix. So, make sure you don’t do that any more than twice a week.

Lemon for avoiding cancer

According to Dr.GuruPrasad Reddy B.V.OHS State Medical University Moscow, Russia lemon with warm water can prevent the cause of cancer. Avoid eating sugar. The absence of sugar in your body can naturally kill cancerous cells. It is proven in a clinical trial that Warm water with lemon can kill cancerous cells controls the growth of the cancerous tumor. It only kills cancerous blood cells and does not harm healthy cells.

Lemon for Fast Weight Loss


Again if you want to lose weight, and you can’t understand how to lose weight, and don’t have a solution for it. Then lemon with warm water is a perfect fit. Take warm water in the glass, squeeze half or one-fourth lemon and drink it half an hour after every meal. You will get good results from this as far as weight loss is concerned.

Lemon Health Benefits

1.Lemon contains potassium which helps it to purify the blood.

2.Lemon juice helps to excretion of poisonous fluids from the human body

3.It is beneficial in the Ayurvedic treatment of kidney stones.

4.Lemon prevents radical formation and helps to avoid cancerous diseases.

5.It contains large amounts of antioxidants along with vitamin C.

6.It has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

7.Along with other contents applying lemon on skin and hair can reduce tanning, darkness, and dandruff.

8.Polyphenol In Lemon helps in regulating high blood pressure.

9.If you have thick blood because of high hemoglobin, then lemon helps in making blood thin.

Harmful Impacts of Lemon On Body

1.Lemon contains citric acid, and if it’s regularly in contact with teeth causes the decaying of calcium and makes it more sensitive.

2.If you have acidity problems, then stop eating lemon cause it contains acid, and it will make you restless by increasing your problem

3.If you drink lemon juice in a high quantity, you will feel burning and irritation in the throat and chest.

4.If you have allergic reactions to consuming it, then it can increase asthma. So, in that situation, avoid it.

Lemon is the root and rich source of vitamin c, and According to the National Institute of Nutrition, our body needs 40 mg of Vitamin C regularly. Everyone Should eat lemon daily for rich health and maintain their body’s PH.

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