Ashwagandha The Perfect Stamina Enhancer

Extreme Blessed Herbs Of India

Different plant on this earth have the different medical properties. India is extreme blessed with many number of home-grown plant and herb .we are so lucky to have and we are utilize this we don’t need alopathy medicine because we have ayurveda which uses the medical plant to cure the disease. There are so many plant herb but we are unaware from that. one of the prime example is babul plant. it is so common that we all of us know this name but none of know the herbal benefits of the babul tree. Babul is very benificial plant which has the potential to cure cronic and viral disease. Babul mainly found in uttar Pradesh, Madhya pradesh, Maharashtra and rajastan .it grows near water and in black soil .In English it is known as cassia tree.


It has the potential to cure the seventy different illness problems.The bark of this tree contain 06-12% bitter chemical and cord contains 12-19% tennin in it.The bark of this tree also releases the chemical known as babul gum. The leaves of babul tree is beneficial  to treat dysentery, diarrhea. Obbesity everyone wants  to look fit and healthy but sometimes people cant manage the time because of working time.but babul is beneficial to reduce obesity and belly fat. Eyes are the most important and fragile part of our body. Babul control redness and swelling of eyes associate with conjunctivitis. It is also cure the condition causes the watering of the eyes.babul contain different types of ingredants like volatile essential oils, phenols and phenolic glycosides, resins, oleosins, steroids, tannins. Babool bark is also have the health benefits. Babool bark contain astringent property and its is good for teeth  The babool bark is good for healthy teeth by chewing the babool bark teeth is become white and bright. Babool also cure the diarehha by decreasing intestinal because of keshya property. babool decrease the risk of cold and cough.   


Changing lifestyle and because of unhealthy to eat food like junk food, street food this effect on our body vey badly. In this fast going and rush of life many people cant manage to workout ,walking. Decrease body movement also affect on bone. everyone busy in their own life but health is real gem for that we have to take charge of your own health and wellbeing. For body movement masculoskeletlal system is responsible. Now we get the thing that different part of our body have different properties. If any bone is broken then it can be relieving. Because it has regeneration capacity. From ancient time babool is uses for various health problems.  babool is the best natural hub to boost the regeneration capacity. Babool have analgesic and anti inflammatory properties and this property help to relieving joints pain.


  • Pain while lifting weight, climbing stair and after sometime pain while walking
  • Swelling: because of Astioarthiratis

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