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How Arjun Extract Good For Heart

According to a servey india is largest heart disease causes country in the world. According to indian heart association india has 50% of heart attack are found less than 50 years old people.Its main reason behind is that change in peoples lifestyle and most of the people eat junk food and not manage the time for workout , addiction of smoking and taking so much stress because of all this blood circulation in body get slow , heart attack , blood pressure,obesity,cholesterol like disease can causes.


Arjuna is medical plant and arjuna plant is very beneficial for the treatment of heart disease.Ayurved uses arjuna plant form ancient times for experiment to cure heart disease.Arjun bark contains of 20 – 25 gm tannin in which beta sitosterol ,alengic acid, monocarbozedic acid also found. Potassium , magnesium , calcium like elements are also found. If we think on ayurvedic herbal treatment ancient docters mention arjuna improve heart tissue strength.For high blood pressure best home remedy is arjun plant.High blood pressure  is very difficult medical system which become reason for  heart failure , heart attack,kidney failure and another major health disease. For heart disease treatment arjuna is best herb.

In modern era heart attack is most killer. Arjuna help to control the chelestrol level. This defeats  chelestrol which stays in  coronary arteries in heart and makes less rate of heart attack .Arjuna extract is very powerful for the protection of heart  oxidant.Arjuna is also helpful for the asthma problem. Arjuna is very helpful for the heart disease treatment and  there is no side effect and if u feel any symptoms of heart attack or feel high blood pressure start taking of arjuna.

According to Ayurveda Arjuna is very effective in heart diseases. It contains Calcium, Magnesium and other useful components and due to which Arjuna Extract becomes more strong. It is  the best hypolypedemic , anti-coagulant , hypo –clostermic, anti-hyperpemive, anti-viral, anti –thrombotic and anti-fungal. Arjna Extract is used in treatment of heart and blood vessels. Naturally present Flehonides and Tanin have the anti cancer properties.


  •   Heart and Blood vessels – Arjun Extracts helps to reduce cholesterol, Triglycerides and LDL level . It improves cardiac muscle tone and helps blood circulation.
  • Heart Tonic– Arjuna Extract is a good Tonic for Heart. It gives strength to hear muscles. Maintains the heart beats. It help in where contraction the blood capillaries which helps to increase the blood pressure. And so this extract becomes a good health Tonic. Also reduces the deformity of the Heart.
  • Burning Sensation of Urine- Astringent property of Arjun Extract reduced the blood Bilirubin which help to urinate smoothly.
  • Arjun Extracts helps in ladies white discharge.
  • In Perisomatic Fever it helps to reduce the fever.


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